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La Transardennaise (Europe Adventure)

Some trekkers prefer to do it alone but prefer not to be weighed down by heavy backpacks.

The purists may deride it as “walking for softies”, but why bear the full load when you can have your luggage transferred ahead to your destination? That's the philosophy of Europ'Aventure, who take care of your bags on long-distance trails, organise half-board accommodation, and also provide a lunch pack on request.

Their most popular long-distance walk is the Transardennaise Trail, which winds across the hills and plateaux for 160km, marked with Europ'Aventure's distinctive white and yellow signs.

Another option offered by the company is a star-shaped series of walks, which follows a different route each day but always returns to the same hotel, saving all that irksome packing and unpacking every 24 hours.

Over shorter distances, Europ'Aventure has devised a series of themed walks, such as Festival of Flavours, Family Walks and Cultural Walks, and there are similar trails for cyclists, mountain bikers and motorcyclists.

The Transardennaise is for hikers and cyclists alike.


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