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Ramioul Prehistoric Site

A few kilometres south-west of Liège, the prehistoric age has been brought to life at Ramioul, where you get a real sense of what life must have been like for our ancestors. On the edge of the forest, you can explore a cave that was inhabited in prehistoric times. Follow the trail through the trees to stalk (models of) reindeer and bison, armed with spears, bows and arrows. The philosophy at this living museum is: “You hear, you forget. You see, you can understand. You do it, you remember.” So, you’re encouraged to do things to awaken the cave-person inside. Back in the village you’re shown how to start a fire without a match, how to sharpen a flintstone to cut up your lunch, and how to make a pot out of clay. In fact, there are enough primitive but creative activities to keep you occupied for a full day.


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