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Namur - Surrounding Area

If you‘re staying in Namur, there are some local attractions which are well worth making the day trip to visit.

The Water Gardens of the Château d'Annevoie, a 20 minute car journey from Namur along the River Meuse, deserve their international reputation. Constructed in 1758, the gardens temper the formal symmetry of French style with the English taste for the picturesque and Italian charm with its many fountains. The design means that the fountains and waterfalls rely on gravity alone for their power. www.annevoie.be

The castles

Namur is a land of history and, as such, castles abound in the vicinity. Driving through any of the regions valleys you will come across evidence which lay testimony to the regionals past: ruins of medieval castles (Montaigle in Falaen – Poilvache above Yvoir), monasteries (Maredsous – Floreffe), 16th and17th century châteaux (Freyr – Lavaux Ste-Anne - Veves) and imposing citadels (Namur and Dinant)

The breweries

Easily accessible from Namur is the “Brasserie du Bocq” in Purnode. A family owned brewery where beer has been produced since 1858. A guided tour will show you the art of brewing a good beer: La Gauloise. At the end of the visit you can sample some for yourself. www.bocq.be

Boat trips on the River Meuse

With beautiful scenery, the river trip will take you between Namur and Givet, passing chateaux, rock cliffs and Dinant with its ancient citadel.

The underground caves

A bit like Gruyere cheese, the Ardennes wouldn't be the same without holes in it. The main cave networks that are worth discovering in the area are Namur (Han-sur-Lesse, Rochefort, Dinant, Couvin and Hastière).

The largest and most visited is certainly Han-sur-Lesse, which adds the advantage of offering various other activities enabling the visitor to make it a day trip.

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