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Namur - Main tourist attractions

The citadel, a fortified centre overlooking the town and the Meuse river.
A walk though the paths and streets that lead up to the centre will allow you to relax into the individual atmosphere of this town. Please be aware however that the walk can be long and at times steep.

Parfumerie Guy Delforge
Parfumerie Delforge. The view from the entrance is perhaps something you might expect to see more in Provence than Belgium! Enter through the officer mess and discover the source of the essential oils! The visit takes you 30ft below ground and back to the 17th century. It's dark and cool down there – conditions essential to keep the oils properties intact.

Guy Delforge learnt his trade in Grasse, France (the heart of the french perfume industry) and has been himself responsible for some award winning perfumes. A gift shop is available where some of the products can be purchased. http://www.delforge.com/

A walk in the gardens after the tour is a welcome change to the underground chambers.

As well as spending time making yourself smell good, there are some original museums which are worth the visit whilst in Namur:

Musée Groesbeeck-de-Croix
Not the easiest attraction to pronounce – but what matters is the unforgettable visit you'll have. The family home, vacated in 1935, has faithfully maintained the furnishings and atmosphere from its first wealthy occupants in 1751. The furnishings, trinkets, crockery and silverware the place oozes originality and you're almost expecting the owners to come through the door at any moment! The garden can also be visited.

Musée Félicien Rops
The famous artist throughout France and Belgium, Felicien Rops, from Namur will undoubtedly provoke a strong reaction (posiive or negative) from you with his erotic art.
Born in 1833, he illustrated Baudelaire's controversial Fleurs du Mal and Les Epaves and lived in a menage a trois with the Dubuc sisters.
Graphic designer may be a better word than artist to describe what he produces - his use of soft colour both enhances and softens his drawings. Three floors of cheeky, rebellious, anti-authoritarian, and revolutionary works are yours to discover. www.museerops.be

Pedestrian streets and Restaurants
The streets of Namur are where its charm and atmosphere lie. The day starts at first light, with street cleaning to prepare the town for another day, before the cafes throw open their doors, lay out tables and serve croissants and coffee to Namur's workers. Filled with students by lunch, before preparations begin at the towns numerous restaurants for the evening meal.

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