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Hautes Fagnes

Belgium's Wild Place..

There's nothing quite like the Hautes Fagnes anywhere else in Belgium.

This high plateau above Spa, some of which is protected as a nature reserve, extends eastwards beyond the German border, and includes the vast forest of Hertogenwald.

The word 'Fagnes' means the same as 'Fens' in English, but the Belgian Fens are at a much higher altitude than their East of England counterparts. The landscape consists of boggy heath and woods, windswept and wild, packed with interesting and rarely-seen flora and fauna.

Walking in the nature reserve is only permitted with registered guides, who lead three and six-hour treks through this fascinating slice of wilderness, which would otherwise be off-limits.

If you prefer to ramble without a guide, there are some attractive short routes along the perimeter of the protected areas.

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