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Castles & Chateaux - Franc-Waret Castle

Franc-Waret Castle - 50 minutes drive from Brussels

The Franc-Waret Castle is typical of the 18th century aristocratic houses in the Namur area, built of brick and blue limestone, and standing at the heart of formal gardens. The huge square building, surrounded with moats edged with copper beeches, is perfectly in keeping with the geometrical design of the gardens themselves. Organization and order are the aesthetic basis for the topiary, and for the marvellous natural gardens, which have been recently laid out. Created in 1994 by Marc Knaepen and Yves Denilen, there are 12 themed gardens over 3 hectares, managed organically, including a water garden, a herb and medicinal plant garden, a Japanese garden, a rose garden planted with old varieties and a kitchen garden where modern and traditional plants mingle in a splendid coloured patchwork. Open daily 8am to 8 pm for groups of 10 people or more only.

Castle of Franc-Waret Rue du Village 58 5380 Fernelmont Tel +32 (0) 81 83-332 Fax +32 (0) 81 83-3749 Email: chfernelmont@online.be

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