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Full Space Immersion Challenge

The Euro Space Center, situated alongside the E411 motorway, offers unique possibilities: pilot a space shuttle, train as a real astronaut, walk on the moon, in short, experience all the passion and emotion of the conquerors of space.
You will begin your "odyssey" with a multi-sensual spectacular trip where the immensity of space comes to life, thanks to the magic of light, colours, sounds and projected images. You will experience a fantastic odyssey - from the Big Bang at the origin of the universe to the most futuristic space exploration projects.

Before embarking on the American shuttle, a few tests in one of the astronaut training contraptions: multi-axis, rotating chair and moon-walk. Now you're ready for the great adventure: climb aboard the life-size American space shuttle and, for a few moments, experience all the emotions of the astronauts who travel in space. This simulation includes lift-off, going into orbit with the deployment of a satellite, docking with a space station and finally... landing. And, at the end of the voyage, you will be offered the breathtaking Space Show or dynamic cinema, a crazy adventure on an asteroid in the hands of a mysterious invader.


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