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Family Holidays - The Labyrinth

The only one of its kind in Belgium !

The maze is an English invention, but the Belgians have taken it to a new dimension with The Labyrinth, at Barvaux-sur-Ourthe. Located in a field of wheat, the beauty of this place is that it changes entirely from one year to the next. Every year it closes in the first week of October, and the crop is harvested like any ordinary wheat field. The following spring, as the wheat re-emerges, expert maze designers move in to create a fresh theme and challenge for the summer ahead.

The themes are unlikely to strike a chord with British visitors – they’re usually based on Belgian cartoon characters and their exploits - but you still have to find your way to the centre, where the reward is a well-stocked bar! Along the way, actors provide extra entertainment to amuse or distract you from your target, and when you eventually find your way out there’s plenty more to do. An adjoining field consists of a labyrinth of doors that can only be opened if you work out a secret code; elsewhere, there’s an exhibition of famous mazes through the ages (many of them English) – and even a children’s maze for the under-eights. Everything you ever wanted to know about mazes, in other words, wrapped up in a two-hour visit.

A great attraction in a beautiful setting in the heart of the countryside : www.lelabyrinthe.be

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