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The Château du Bois d’Arlon Park
The Château du Bois d’Arlon Park, in the Belgian province of Luxembourg, is a magnificent location spread over more than 218 hectares along the Arlon to Virton road in the middle of the Lagland woods. The elegant chateau is surrounded by woodland, lakes, and green fields. It was designed and built by Léon Barbaçon-Tesch in the nineteenth century and exudes an air of peace, quiet and refinement.

The chateau is an ideal venue for business meetings and other events, and has its own well-being and spa centre. Its guest bedrooms and public rooms are tastefully decorated and furnished in the antique style, and will delight visitors.

Le Château du Bois d’Arlon, 354, Route de Virton, 6700 Arlon (Toernich).
Tel: +32 (0)63 233 441, Fax: +32 (0)63 237 032 , chateauarlon@skynet.be, www.chateau-arlon.be

Sterpenich Fortified Manor House
Sterpenich Manor House is located just outside the village of Sterpenich and dates back to the fourteenth century. Today, its buildings, built by the Lord of the Manor, Jean-Adam Pellot between 1680 and 1703, are laid out around a rectangular courtyard. During the nineteenth century, the manor house was purchased by the Count of Berlaymont, who extended and remodelled the buildings. It acquired Listed Building status in 1956. It is situated at the foot of the Kirchberg hill, which is topped by the village church and cemetery, which features a beautiful statue of the Crucifixion. The footpath from the château to the church is lined with an impressive array of eighteenth-century tombstones. Inside the church is a beautiful baroque-style altar dating from 1735, and typical of the Counter-Reformation era, as well as many other beautiful pieces of furniture. Three knights from the family of the Lords of Kahler-Sterpenich fought with Countess Ermesinde to liberate the City of Luxembourg from foreign occupation in 1244. In the twentieth century, Sterpenich was best-known for its railway station on the Belgian-Luxembourg frontier and its associated police and Customs stations, but these have all now disappeared.

For more information, please contact the Arlon Tourist Information Centre.
Tel: +32 (0)63 216 360, info@ot-arlon.bewww.ot-arlon.be
Open from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm. Open on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays from 9am to 4pm.
The Chateau d’Autelbas

The Chateau de Guirsch

Arlon and District Tourist Information Centre
Tel: +32 (0)63 219 454,  info@arlon-tourisme.be


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