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Castles & Chateaux - The Castle of Veves

Celles - The Castle of Veves  Perched dramatically on a rocky outcrop overlooking the pretty village of Celles, the  Casle of Veves is a fairytale turreted castle dating from 1410. 

Strategically built on high ground with views over the surrroundings including the former road linking Dinant to Rochefort, the castle was according to the chronicles founded by Pepin of Herstal (670-714). Destroyed in 1200 then rebuilt in 1230, the castle of Veves was also used as a fortress until the end of the Middle Ages. At the beginning of the 15th century a large part of the castle burnt down then was rebuilt after the fire. This is a must see castle housing some superb 18th century furniture and a rare porcelain collection. 

Location: Château de Vêves, 3 Rue de Furfooz, 5561 Celles-Houyet - Belgium 

For more information please visit  www.chateau-de-veves.be

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