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Château of Lavaux-Ste-Anne

This fortified castle dates back to the 15th century. It is made up of three corner towers and a cavernous keep; it represents the only example of an Ardenne Castle in an open countryside. 

This superb castle combining Middle Age and Renaissance architecture was well equipped to resist long enough against the enemy's offensives while waiting for external support. We can still observe that today with the architectural ensemble formed by the donjon (constructed in 1450) the moats, the drawbridge, and the machicolations.

During the Renaissance, the fortress with the big stony towers was added with red bricks and bulbous roofs. The castle also houses three museums: the first one consists of an introduction to the manorial life in the 17th & 18th centuries. The second museum displays a rich collection of the rural life in Lavaux Sainte-Anne in the 19th century and at the biginning of the 20th. And finally, we can discover an entirely renovated museum of nature.

Private & professional events can also be held within the superb facilities and beautiful settings of the castle.

Château de Lavaux-Ste-Anne : 
Rue du Château, 8 
5580 Lavaux-Sainte-Anne 
Province of Namur
Website www.chateau-lavaux.com

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