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Castles & Chateaux - Castle of Modave

The Castle of Modave was first mentioned in 1233 when it became a fortified post protecting the nearby town of Huy. Several castles have been built on this spot subsequently, but the current building dates back to the late 17th century. The Castle is in the middle of a nature reserve and has about twenty richly decorated and furnished rooms. Astonishing stucco, 17th century tapestries, and beautiful faience from Gien and 19th century Val-St-Lambert crystal are every visitor's delight. Musical evenings are held at the castle and the Christmas decoration is magical. Visits are possible from April through November. 

Historical castle in a natural surroundings…

Situated on a rock 60 meters (200 feet) above the valley of the Hoyoux river, the castle offers a magnificent view over the surrounding nature reserve of 450 hectares (1100 acres) from the recently restored terrace.


The castle was the house of several famous owners, among them the Count de Marchin to whom it owes its present appearance. It was also the residence of Maximilian-Henry of Bavaria, Prince Bishop of Liège, the Cardinal von Fürstenberg and the families de Montmorency, Lamarche and Braconier. Since 1941 it belongs to VIVAQUA.


Modave castle, built in the middle ages, was partly demolished in the 17th century. Afterwards, it was restored with a classical façade turning it into an elegant country house. The formal gardens, designed in the olden days, add to its charm.


Remarkable 17th century stuccowork decorates the ceilings while the walls are covered with carved panelling, tapestries and large paintings. The furniture, with some exceptional 18th and 19th century pieces, fits perfectly into this historic setting.

Hydraulic wheel...

One of the rooms is dedicated to the hydraulic wheel built in Modave in the 17th century. Tradition says it was invented by Renkin Sualem. It is without doubt this wheel which was the model  for the machine at Marly that brought the water from the river Seine to the palace of Versailles.

Small things 

An audioguide available in five languages enabling visitors to discover this unique place, belonging since 1993 to the Major Heritage of Wallonia. 

Visiting hours :

From April 1st till November 15th

Every day from 10 am to 6 pm

Email: info@modave-castle.be

Website: www.modave-castle.be

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