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Chateau Seneffe's Domaine - 30 mins from Brussels

Grandeur & Intimacy : Permanent exhibition 

Set in the 18th architecture of the Seneffe chateau, Grandeur & Intimacy is a permanent exhibition of 500 exceptional items of silverware, clothes,  presented using a light-hearted, lively and sensual approach.

Tradition and gallery
Discover the interior architecture of the stately home as designed in the 18th century: the reception areas, the private living apartments, the corridors used by the servants. Draw close to the screens – they have so many stories to tell you. Relive the atmosphere of the era, guess at the perfumes. Be surprised by the dexterity, chance and love. 

Frivolity and influence
The ladies’ garde-robe offers you an initiation into the art of seduction, revealing the undergarments and the secrets of the beauty and self-presentation. Attend the women’s gathering in the grand salon and enjoy the show on film. This s where the women played an active part in the events of the era, bringing together the thinkers who exchanged ideas, conducted scientific experiments and shaped the future. 

Austerity and indulgence
Can you smell the aroma of coffee, tea and hot chocolate – the definitive drinks of the period? To prolong the pleasure of your visit, the 18th century tasting room, the “Saveurs des Lumières” is open every Sunday and on public holidays.

With grand and intimacy, the news series of recreated scenes which takes you back to this very topical period, everything becomes an object of curiosity and experimentation. 

Location: Domaine du Chateau de Seneffe, 7-9 Lucien plasman – 7180 Seneffe – Belgium
Tel: +32 64 59 69 13

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