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Porcheresse - The fondue wagon

The fondue wagon - the attraction for gourmets
The « chariot à fondue » (fondue wagon), was launched under the name of "Ardenne Trait Gourmande", an inviting name calling all foodie lovers to discovering the landscapes of the Belgian Ardenens, and the Porcheresse area in particular. The fondue wagon consists in a wagon hauled by two robust Ardennes horses. Marquis and Aragon des Traits de l'Almache, the two horses are always happy to take their gourmets passengers for a ride and a delicious meal. 
A pair of horses and a dozen of guests:
Laetitia Deprelle has always had a passion for horses. Her husband who is a gardener and a woodcutter has a passion for hunting. Their passion led both to Porcheresse. Laetitia passed a hard logging training and she went on to make it her job. Today, she introduces people to horse drawn carriage. For some time, Laetitia thought of guiding visitors to discovering the local products of the Belgian Ardennes. One day, as she was watching a TV programme of on the French TV channel FR3, she found what she needed most: the idea. The TV programme was about people eating cheese fondue on a Horse-drawn carriage wagon in the Upper Savoy. This appeared to be the good plan for Laetitia! The next winter, she started marking the most suitable local routes for the horses. First, the roads had to have not to many hills in order to keep the pair of horses in top shape, and secondly the scenery has to be green and wide to give the twelve guests of the wagon something unique.

A choice of good dishes and of beautiful routes:
From the only cheese fondue that was at first envisaged, the choice of dishes got quickly extended with only products made in Belgium. Nowadays, Ardenne Trait Gourmande proposes a local-products-based brunch, with salt meat, a meat or chocolate fondue, desserts... The wooden table of the wagon has been dug to prevent the plates, glasses, cutlery or the fondue appliances to fall during the ride. The ride itself is two to three hours long, which give you enough time to complete a lap towards Graide, Gembes, Our, the col du Grinchi, Daverdisse… 
« If they say so »
"At first, we were a bit curious and we had our doubts, but we loved the project! This experience is both different and relaxing. The details have been well thought through to provide visitors with the enjoyment of a good meal spent in a comfortable place. The fondue wagon can be closed by its sides, the carriage is fitted with lamps and heating, and some playing cards have been put on board. There is also a notion of “ no pollution” very pleasant . I think this is an original way to enjoy the beauty of the belgian Ardennes landscapes and share my passion for the good cuisine with other people. "

Audrey and Erwan

Practical Information:

Les Traits de l'Almache
Rue de Graide 95
6929 Porcheresse
Tel: +32 495 215 378 
Email: chariotafondue@gmail.com  

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