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Castles & Chateaux - Durbuy castle

In 1024, Ragelinde, sister of pope Etienne the II, marries Albert the II of Namur. The later will give in the seigniory to his son Henri the II Le Puer who went on to have the Chateau of Durbuy built on the seigniory’s territory. The seigniory will remain in this family until 1199 when it was passed on by inheritance to the family of Luxembourg. The chateau was destroyed in 1156 by a fire, and then devastated during the wars of succession of the Duchy of Limbourg in 1237 and 1317.

In 1412 Durbuy was under the authority of the House of Burgundy. And at the end of that century flustered by the troops of the Prince-Bishopric of Liège who frequently invaded Durbuy, the chateau was taken and demolished twice, first in 1484, then the same misfortune had come upon the chateau in 1492, still during these wars opposing the la Marck family and the troops of Liège.

These wars ended with Maximilian of Austria’s troops destroying the castles held by the la Marck family which were the castles of Logne, Durbuy and La Roche (1484-1485)

The seigniory will later be passed on to the House of the Spanish Habsburgs, then to the House of the Austrian Habsburgs.

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